Taylor Bennett Gets Candid About Music, Touring and Brotherhood With Footaction

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Taylor Bennett Gets Candid About Music, Touring and Brotherhood With Footaction

He's just getting started on his own wave.

Published April 11, 2017

When Taylor Bennett announced in January that he was owning his bisexuality, it was far from “coming out of the closet.”

As the youngest of the Bennett clan, Taylor already has producer, songwriter, rapper and visionary under his belt, has spit bars beside other sound luminaries like Jeremih and Mike WiLL Made It and filled his own footsteps despite expectations some may have for him to follow in his brother Chance the Rapper's.

So after national lifestyle apparel and footwear retailer Footaction hosted a live roundtable and dinner in honor of the blossoming hip-hop artist, it’s become undeniably evident that his potential and greatness was never confined to a closet to begin with.  

After discussing what his preference is for onstage attire while hitting major cities for “The Taylor Bennett Show” tour, the Broad Shoulders rapper recalled what it was like opening for Tory Lanez for the Toronto artists’ “I Told You” tour. Thanking Tory for such an incredible experience, he identifies the difference between headlining for another artist and being the star of his own show.

“You’ve got to win over your crowd,” he explained. “It’s not the same thing — it’s not like you can just get on stage and people know your lyrics and they care about you. You really have to win your fans over, and I thank Tory for that entire experience… When it’s my show, they know the lyrics and they’re hype. They’re running down the street to get back to your tour bus and all of those things are very, very cool. It’s definitely a different feeling that you get because these are people who are inspired by you and they really feel your music. You can see the emotion.”

Of his brotherhood goals relationship with Chance, now that both of them have gained their respective stripes in the industry, he told BET.com that not much has changed from their days growing up in Chicago — like his hilarious recollection of that one time the Coloring Book rapper stole his iPod and just casually lost it. Beginning the story with Chance’s streetwear fashion faze when the two were younger, Taylor said he’d go into his brother’s home and open his closet only to find a “treasure chest of [Taylor’s] streetwear s**t.”

“He took my iPod and lost it one time,” he said. “He took my hat one time and dropped it on the train tracks by accident. But he would, like, do s**t and then lose s**t and then never talk about it until it was brought up and it would be a thing like, ‘G, where’s my iPod?’ I was on punishment, he took my iPod, went to school, got it confiscated and then took it back or some crazy s**t and lost it! So when I was off of punishment, we just couldn’t find my iPod and he wasn’t trying to say that he took that s**t! So, it’s just like a missing iPod in the crib. So, yeah, I’m still trying to take stuff from dude.”

We hope you get even for your closet's sake too, Taylor!

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Footaction)


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