Chris Brown Calls Fan 'Lame,' Apologizes in Lengthy Message to #TeamBreezy

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 28:  Singer Chris Brown attends the 2015 BET Awards on June 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo: Vincent Sandoval/WireImage)

Chris Brown Calls Fan 'Lame,' Apologizes in Lengthy Message to #TeamBreezy

He's got new suggestions for his fans.

Published April 13, 2017

When R&B heartthrob Chris Brown hits the stage with his career-topping vocal and dance talents, you’re certain to find #TeamBreezy front and center to witness the amazement.

But after the “Party” singer scorned a fan on Instagram for what he interpreted as her “complaining” about her audience view, Breezy has come forth to clear the air a bit. 

Instagram user “jazlynbreezyofficial,” an apparently proud #TeamBreezy member, initially tagged him in a hopeful post where she explained that she would hope to get a good view of him considering prior complaints she had heard from other fans attending his shows in the past.

“Praying that the tickets I got I’ll be able to see [Chris] and the stage, [because] I know everyone is complaining about the stage being too high,” she wrote in the post and caption. The good news is that she definitely got Breezy’s attention with the inquiry, but not how she may have expected.

“Buy your tickets in a better spot instead of complaining like a lame,” he wrote back to her post.

After more users caught his reply and came to the fan’s defense, he penned another response slamming the critics for their concern.

“Y’all be mad as f**k [boy],” he started in the address to his fans and non-fans. “For a bunch of trolls that don’t like my music or what I stand for, y’all sure do stay on my meat and spend the same time arguing on comments I make or the defense of them.”

He continued explaining that their best bet would be to direct their energy and focus on the world around them instead of being consumed by him. To some degree, Breezy still must have felt his response to the fan might have been a little harsh and proceeded to personally send an apology for the comment.

“Well I apologize because I remember you and I commented under the complaint I read,” he said to her. “As fans, y’all don’t realize that you don’t help the issue by tagging me with your fears. You guys often speak for me or put things out there that are false and unnecessary, and I’m wrong if I say something. This is not directed at you because once again, I apologize.”

Reinforcing his definition of a “team” concept with regard to his global fan base, he concluded by explaining that he sometimes becomes frustrated at some of the complaints when he’s “busting his a**.”

Now that the fan has posted his apology and consequently received a follow from her idol, hopefully they can put it behind them and she can enjoy the fulfilling Breezy concert experience she hoped for.

See Breezy’s address to #TeamBreezy below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Vincent Sandoval/WireImage)


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