The Irony Behind Don Cheadle's Appearance in Kendrick Lamar's 'DNA.' Video

The Irony Behind Don Cheadle's Appearance in Kendrick Lamar's 'DNA.' Video

We may have missed this detail the first time around.

Published April 20th

Earlier this week, Kendrick Lamar continued his winning streak, setting free the latest music video off of his new album DAMN.

While giving his track "DNA." the visual treatment, he recruited none other than Don Cheadle to co-star along with him. As it turns out, the reason why the beloved actor was a perfect addition to Lamar's genius is a bit ironic​ in retrospect.

While many of us may have missed this little detail as we first digested the music video, others are now having a​ lighthearted​ "aha" moment regarding Cheadle's involvement.

As pointed out on Twitter, Cheadle previously played a role that can also be fittingly dubbed as​ "​Kung Fu Kenny,"​ a moniker that Lamar is now proudly adopting with the release of his new album.

In the 2001 sequel Rush Hour 2, a now-classic film starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, Cheadle makes an uncredited appearance as a minor character named Kenny. Years later, the actor is paying a new tribute to the original "Kung Fu Kenny," changing his Twitter avatar to an image from​ his 2001 role and reminding fans that yes, he did in fact do his own stunts during his appearance in the acclaimed ​franchise.

With Cheadle's appearance in "DNA." doubling as him handing over the baton for Kendrick Lamar to take on the moniker with pride, this definitely makes for a "fun fact" type of full circle moment​, with a dash of irony​ thrown in for good measure.​

​​Rewatch Kendrick Lamar's "DNA." here and t​ake a look at Don Cheadle appearing as the original "Kung Fu Kenny" in a clip from Rush Hour 2 below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Top Dawg Entertainment, Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records)


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