According to Drake's Dad, Here's Why It's a Bad Idea to Break Into His Son's Home

According to Drake's Dad, Here's Why It's a Bad Idea to Break Into His Son's Home

Drizzy has also reportedly made a decision on the crazed, home-invading fan.

Published April 21, 2017

It’s not every day that anyone could just trespass their way into a high-profile rap megastar’s home such as Drake’s, but apparently it isn’t impossible, after a 24-year-old fan pulled it off earlier this month (April 3).

Let Drizzy’s cool dad, Dennis Graham, tell it, though, and there’s practically no use in taking on such a feat (and a risk) because Drizzy’s Hidden Hills home is running on empty these days. 

In a video captured by TMZ, Mr. Graham is stopped by a reporter to address the home-intruding fan, sharing a new detail that she’s from North Carolina. He added that aside from Drizzy’s solid and ever-present security, he really wasn’t concerned about the burglary because the house was vacant due to renovations.

“There was nothing in the house anyway because the house is being remodeled,” he revealed. “So there was nothing in there — all she could get was a Sprite, and a Pepsi, and a bottle of water.”

While that definitely explains the fan’s skimpy come-up from Drake’s crib, his father finished by sharing a message for anyone else crazy enough to attempt busting into the OVO honcho’s house.

“Don’t get yourself in trouble,” he advised. “Don’t go to jail and have your life — to have a felony in your life — over stupidity.”

Fortunately enough for the fan who would be made an example of Mr. Graham’s sentiments, new reports have surfaced that the More Life artist has asked prosecutors to drop all charges against her. TMZ reported that the reason for such a generous request comes from Drake’s belief that she may struggle with mental illness and would find it unjust to send her to prison under a felony conviction for such a victimless crime.

How kind of you, Drizzy.

Watch his father’s PSA to aspiring Drake home invaders in the video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Dennis Graham via Instagram)


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