Talib Kweli Calls Trump America's Payback for the 'N***er President'

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Talib Kweli Calls Trump America's Payback for the 'N***er President'

“The bar is set way lower for White people…”

Published April 25, 2017

Back in hip hop veteran and raptivist Talib Kweli’s Black Star prime, it would be foolish to expect him to bite his tongue on sociopolitical issues and the Black community.

And now that America is in the hands of former reality television star Donald Trump, who also has a record-low approval rating without a full 100 days in office, Kweli definitely won’t be holding back. 

TMZ caught up with The Beautiful Struggle rapper to probe questions on Trump’s progress as we approach his 100th day in office and what effect it has on the legacy of his predecessor President Barack Obama.

“I think it’s made people understand the bar is set way lower for White people,” he began in his reply. “Trump can be mediocre and he could even be a failure. Obama had to work so much [harder] than everybody else, he had so many more obstacles in front of him than Donald Trump has and he still was called a monkey. He was still called a liar to his face by our congressman.”

Explaining that Donald Trump lies every day, a habit of his that’s been chronicled by several publications like the Washington Post, Kweli believes that Trump has several privileges that Obama didn’t enjoy the luxury of.

When the reporter clarified Kweli’s belief of a racial divide, the former Black Star member absolutely confirmed.

“Oh, that’s the whole reason Donald Trump is president,” he said. “He’s America paying us back for the n**ger president.”

Unlike some of his rap counterparts, he added, however, that he would “absolutely not” want to sit down with Trump given the opportunity, and that Trump would have loads of making up to do and apologies to issue before Kweli even touches a chair close to him.

One thing he does have in at least partial commonality with Trump is the subject of America’s greatness, though Kweli’s idea of a “great America” stands in stark contrast to that of the former Apprentice TV star.

“…America is great, not because rich, straight White men who have always been in power make it great,” he clarified. “America is great because of diversity. So you have to learn about marginalized communities; you have to learn about Jewish people, Muslims, women, Black people, gay people, you know what I’m saying? People who are going to be further marginalized in Trump’s America.”

His advice to Trump? Reach out and actually listen to those communities instead of holding on to his obsession with dictatorship.

Kudos, Kweli.

Check out all he had to say about Trump’s America in the video below.   

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)


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