Kendrick Lamar Is Being Criticized Over 'DNA.'

(Photo: Aftermath/Interscope/Top Dawg Entertainment)

Kendrick Lamar Is Being Criticized Over 'DNA.'

He is being accused of biting another rapper's track.

Published April 28, 2017

An unforgivable sin in hip hop has long been the act of biting another emcee's lyrics. While ironically such a sin happens often in regard to a rapper copying another's flow, or another emcee drawing direct influence from another's style or cadence, the accusation of straight-up biting is never a pleasant one to be on the receiving end of.

Not even Kendrick Lamar, who is currently sitting atop the charts with his latest release DAMN., is immune to such intense and unforgivable criticisms.

As reported, an unsigned rapper by the name of D.Zign is claiming that Kung Fu Kenny's new track "DNA." is eerily close to his own work, offering a detailed comparison of his track "I Got" and the Compton rapper's.

While there definitely are some similarities worth noting, such as the "I got I got I got" refrain, some are pointing out that such alikeness must merely be an unfortunate coincidence.

After all, considering the stark contrast in exposure between the two artists, many are wondering how K. Dot would have gotten wind of D.Zign's track in the first place.

Either way, "DNA." definitely takes the lead here, and is currently poised at the No. 4 slot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Take a look at D.Zign sticking up for his original track in the posts below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Aftermath/Interscope/Top Dawg Entertainment)


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