August Alsina Mourns the Loss of Cash Money Rapper BTY YoungN

August Alsina Mourns the Loss of Cash Money Rapper BTY YoungN

The fellow New Orleans artist pays a heartfelt tribute.

Published May 1, 2017

Yesterday (April 30) sad news broke that 27-year-old rapper BTY YoungN was fatally shot over the weekend.

The recent Cash Money signee was pronounced dead at the scene, with his mother sharing with reporters that she felt the tragic violence was a result of jealousy due to his rising success as a rapper.

While fans were skeptical of Birdman wiping his Instagram clean following word getting out that his artist was murdered, the Cash Money boss finally did pay his respects on social media.

Additionally, fellow New Orleans artist August Alsina also took to Instagram to express his heartbreak regarding the passing of his peer.

"HeartBroken today," Alsina wrote on Instagram. "God has gotten my ears and eyes in a grip and is Teaching me lessons everyday of my life in the most excruciating way. My people & Mutual Friends/Family had been trying to link us for a minute... I was in the city, running thru the hood hollin' at the homey's while filming on a jam packed schedule ... Letting them spit their pain on camera and give the hood a voice to be heard & let the world see young black men in Unity. God had you on my heart to come and holla but later that night it got too dark out so I figured I'd beable to just catch you another day and let you share your story with the world on my platform, now it's too late."

He then expresses his sorrow regarding the fact that the pair never had the opportunity to do work together and put on for their city.

"Without us getting to link, you've still taught me a lesson that it seems I'm learning everyday thru pain.." the artist continued. "That is to LISTEN when THE MOST HIGH speaks & Always Go with your heart because nothing's ever for sure & cherish life! Now go, my brother and be free, from this hellish human experience and let your spirit ROAR & SOAR & follow where God takes you. Your tomorrow no longer belongs to the earth."

See August Alsina's personal and passionate message to BTY YoungN in full below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo from left: Robin Marchant/Getty Images, BTY YoungN via Instagram)


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