Here Are the Rappers Who Were Discovered on Aaron Hernandez's Prison Playlist

Here Are the Rappers Who Were Discovered on Aaron Hernandez's Prison Playlist

The fallen football star was definitely a hip-hop and R&B fan.

Published May 10, 2017

Marking the end to the longstanding controversy of former New England Patriots football star Aaron Hernandez and the motivation behind his reported suicide, the remnants of his final days behind bars have surfaced.

And according to prison documents reported by Daily Mail, the remains of Hernandez’s innermost nature has also come to light through the discovery of his favorite musical tracks, including Drake, Rihanna, PARTYNEXTDOOR and The Weeknd.

Among the hits found on the 27-year-old’s playlist were soft throwback ballads from RiRi’s second studio album, A Girl Like Me, such as “Unfaithful.” Likewise, officials came across Drizzy’s mellow 2016 Views project singles “U With Me” and “With You.” PARTYNEXTDOOR’S heartbreak-ridden “Problems & Selfless” as well as his most savory singles, like “Transparency,” also join the tender tracks from the playlist.

On the sultrier end, Hernandez was also hitting play on one of The Weeknd’s smash single from the Fifty Shades of Grey film soundtrack, “Earned It.” Daily Mail points out that the only relatively upbeat number from his musical preferences was Rih’s older hit “Selfish Girl.” The site adds that the songs discovered totaled nearly 1,000 tracks as Hernandez was able to enjoy it on a Keefe Maxx Player device issued to inmates. 

The playlist’s discovery follows a judge’s clearance of the former NFL player’s murder charge, a mandated rule that is required if a defendant dies in the process of appealing any given charge. And while many still suspect other influences on his death, such as foul play and an alleged secret prison lover, Hernandez’s suicide has officially been declared after a toxicology report.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)


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