C-Murder Ordered to Pay Slain Teen's Family Over $1M

C-Murder at the Core DJ retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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C-Murder Ordered to Pay Slain Teen's Family Over $1M

The rapper is currently serving a life sentence.

Published May 12, 2017

Although Master P called on President Barack Obama last year to pardon his brother C-Murder, claiming the jailed rapper's innocence, his best efforts fell short.

C-Murder, who is currently serving a life sentence in Louisiana’s Angola prison after being convicted of the fatal nightclub shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas back in 2002, also was recently ruled to pay some damages in the aftermath of his crime.

According to a new report, a judge has recently ordered C-Murder to pay more than $1.1 million to the slain teenager's family.

As reported, Jefferson Parish Judge Glenn Ansardi of the 24th Judicial District Court found Miller liable in a 2013 civil proceeding for the killing of Thomas.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday (May 10), the judge ordered the rapper to pay $500,000 to each of Thomas’s parents and $150,000 to account for the victim’s suffering.

According to the report, the parents' attorney, Trey Mustian, shared that that order is more of a vindication of their son than any monetary outcome would ever be. Hopefully this ruling helps them to cope with the loss of their son and the family can find some degree of peace.

Despite being behind bars, C-Murder has released music in recent years, including 2016's diss against 2 Chainz, "2 Stainz."

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Wauketia Chestang / Splash News)


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