Uncle Luke Threw Shots at DJ Khaled, and the Internet Is Not Having It

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Uncle Luke Threw Shots at DJ Khaled, and the Internet Is Not Having It

The DJ's former co-host may want to circle back on this one.

Published May 18, 2017

Looks like the "They" DJ Khaled is always trying to warn others of has emerged, this time around in the form of Uncle Luke.

Much to the surprise of many, the beloved DJ's former co-host, Uncle Luke, has recently taken to Instagram to air out his thoughts regarding how he feels DJ Khaled shouldn't rep so hard for the city of Miami because, well, he is technically from New Orleans originally. 

Considering such a claim feels a little bit out of left field, especially considering DJ Khaled speaks so honestly in his memoir, The Keys, about how the city of Miami made him, Uncle Luke has been at the receiving end of some criticism on social media in the aftermath of his recent tirade.

During Uncle Luke's commentary, he refers to DJ Khaled as a "settler," and appears to be truly bothered by some of his former colleague's recent successes, as well as by DJ Khaled's tendency to claim Miami as his own.

Luckily for Khaled, who first got his start DJing in Miami in 1998 ironically while co-hosting The Luke Show along with Uncle Luke, he's got an endless supply of "fan luv" in his corner supporting him, regardless of semantics.

Take a look at how social media is weighing in on Uncle Luke's recent harsh words about DJ Khaled below.

  1. See Uncle Luke's original commentary below:

    My last part of my 3 part series of giving mr. Peter Thomas reality show guy the history of Miami.

    A post shared by LUTHER CAMPBELL (@unclelukereal1) on

  2. The internet has questions
  3. Such as, how does the city of miami feel about this?
  4. Some feel as though Khaled's 6-month old is already a bigger celebrity than Uncle Luke
  5. While others are pointing out Uncle Luke is 'They'
  6. Khaled definitely has a lot of fan luv
  7. Here's a fact
  8. Khaled still shows Uncle Luke love
  9. Is there more to the story?
  10. Gotta let khaled be khaled
  11. Hey, you never know

Written by KC Orcutt

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