Chance the Rapper Responds to the N-Word Being Sprayed on LeBron James's Home

 (Photos from left: Elsa/Getty Images, ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

Chance the Rapper Responds to the N-Word Being Sprayed on LeBron James's Home


Published June 2, 2017

Fortunately enough, NBA legend LeBron James suffered no physical harm amid the vandalism of his Los Angeles home a day before his NBA Finals match against the Golden State Warriors.  

But let Chicago’s hip-hop golden boy Chance the Rapper tell it, and the reason for such a bold display of bigotry exposes an unfortunate truth about America’s patterned history of racism.

Speaking with the five-woman panel of The View, Chance elaborated that the success of Black America becomes too much for those emboldened by discrimination and their superiority complexes.

“It’s kind of a common pattern in America’s history,” the Coloring Book rap star explained. “When people that look like me get to a certain point of success — I mean LeBron James is, to me, the greatest of all time basketball player — people want to remind you how they view you as a second class citizen.”

While racism is still alive and well centuries later, Chance added that the only way to prove the bigots wrong is to prove your supporters right by continuing to thrive. The 23-year-old also didn’t forget to mention an individual who has energized many of those aforementioned people: former reality television star Donald Trump.

“I haven’t seen him in Chicago before,” Chance said of Trump’s threat to “send in the feds” to Chance’s hometown. Trump based the threat off of his presidential platform and cited Chi-Town’s gun violence and homicide numbers this year. Chance’s following thoughts on the 70-year-old’s remarks were the same as everyone else’s lately: “I don’t know if he knows what he’s talking about.”

Check out what else Chance had to say during his appearance on The View below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Elsa/Getty Images, ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua)


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