Another One: DJ Khaled Drops the New Drake Vocals on 'To the Max'

Another One: DJ Khaled Drops the New Drake Vocals on 'To the Max'

Drizzy also shouts out a very special executive producer.

Published June 5, 2017

DJ Khaled’s Grateful album is shaping up to be quite the summer smash celebration as he unveils the official third single from his 10th studio effort.

While we’ve already heard from the "Shining" power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé and the hip-hop quad of his “I’m the One” single, we’re now able to listen to exactly how Khaled put those Drake vocals to use that he hunted for this spring.  

First of all, the single-most important and most adorable part of this entire track release can be found right on its artwork, where the album’s swagged out, one-year-old executive producer Asahd Khaled is adorably pictured. Not only did the young Don grace all of the cover art from the trio of releases, including “Shining” and “I’m the One,” his Jacuzzi vibes also grace the cover of the entire Grateful project, slated for a June 23 drop.

As for the Drizzy vocals, the track features two verses from the More Life star complete with a catchy chorus celebrating the victorious success he and his squad have enjoyed atop his career and the hip-hop game. Drake has gives a nod to the UK as well, borrowing a sample of T2 and Jodie Alysha’s “Heartbroken” for the track’s bridge. And despite where Drizzy ends up landing while on the acclaimed run of his landmarked music career, one thing will always be for certain: “All of my youngins, yeah [they] lit.”

Listen to Drake and Khaled light the summer up ‘To the Max’ on the track below and look at Drizzy’s salute to the world’s tiniest executive producer below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: DJ Khaled via Instagram)


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