LOL: The Internet Finds Out If TLC Has Relaxed Their 'No Scrubs' Policy

LOL: The Internet Finds Out If TLC Has Relaxed Their 'No Scrubs' Policy

The executive chairman of the Twitter board has ruled.

Published June 7, 2017

R&B triple threat girl group TLC’s 1999 “No Scrubs” anthem was just that song we needed to make sure we’re staying brushed up on relationship standards.

That included, but was not limited to, the scrubs in the passenger's side of his best friend’s ride and that one guy who thinks he’s super fly but is nothing more than a “busta.” The dating scene has seen a major shift with the emergence of social media, dating apps and all other means of trying to holla at the ladies. But according to the remaining ladies of TLC, the “No Scrubs” premise still rings as true as it did 18 years ago. 

  1. It all started when one curious fan was just wondering if the ladies had loosened up on their strict 'No Scrubs' mandate.
  2. When another user hopped in to confirm that the policy still exists, a third offered up a thesaurus check
  3. It didn’t take long for TLC themselves, along with the rest of the Internet, to follow up on several other throwback lyrical requests
  4. Like if Kanye West is still staying weary of those gold diggers
  5. And if we’re still keeping tallies on Jay Z’s problems
  6. Or what about if Ludacris ever cleared that road?
  7. And we know it's been some time since fellow R&B trio Destiny's Child dropped a collective single, but was anyone else wondering about that jelly?

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo via Giphy)


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