Watch Kehlani Kick a Concertgoer Out of Her Show After Yelling Her Ex's Name

Watch Kehlani Kick a Concertgoer Out of Her Show After Yelling Her Ex's Name

Don’t test her savage.

Published June 13, 2017

There’s a reason Oakland’s R&B and pop singer Kehlani dubbed her very first studio undertaking SweetSexySavage.

While taking specific care of her fans has shown us her sweet side and we’ve witnessed the sexy with the release of her new makeup line. It only took one trolling fan at her Arizona concert to conjure up the savage.

In a fan-captured video clip, the “Distraction” singer is seen in a quiet stage moment among a sea of fans. When one, presumptively male, audience member screams out “Kyrie!,” referring to Kehlani’s ex-boyfriend and Cleveland Cavaliers baller Kyrie Irving, Kehlani makes an example out of his bold outburst. Asking her fans to help locate the perpetrator, she summoned the stage team to cue the lights and toss him out of the venue.

“Get the f**k out this concert, b*tch!” Kehlani addressed to the fan before asking security to get involved. The crowd accidentally pointed out the wrong guest, but she made sure to enlist her devout fans to correct the mistake.

Y’all better be loyal to me in this b***h,” she declared. “Point that n***a out.” When the culprit was finally identified by fans seated above the front stage crowd, she sent him one last farewell.

“Get his b***h a** out of here — f**k you!,” she said. “Anyways. We don’t play that stupid a** s**t up in here, come on. Kyrie will whoop your f**king a**, that’s my best f**king friend.”

The 22-year-old’s irritable response to the comment might stem from the controversy surrounding his rumored association with her highly publicized 2016 attempted suicide that landed her in the hospital. In a positive move forward, she’s remained steady in advocating for suicide prevention and awareness upon her personal and spiritual healing following the incident.

So, thanks but no thanks, trolls. She appears to be doing just fine without the reminder.

See Kehlani’s removal of the brazen fan in the video below. 

Fan yells "Kyrie" during concert, #Kehlani kicks them out

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Written by Diamond Alexis


(Photos from left: Burak Cingi/Redferns, Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

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