Young Thug Calls Himself 'The #NewPac'

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Young Thug Calls Himself 'The #NewPac'

*Eye roll.*

Published June 18, 2017

Comparisons to Tupac are getting more and more sigh-worthy. In fact, Vic Mensa is so tired of hearing who’s “the next Tupac” he’s willing to get into a physical altercation with anyone who continues to bring up the ridiculous conversation.

  1. He may now have an issue with Young Thug then. On the heels of the Atlanta rapper releasing his latest album Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugga Girls, he took to Twitter and made the eye-rolling statement.

    “I dropped E.B.B.T.G on 2PAC'S bday because I'm the #newPAC,” he wrote. “I feel like I am the thug he didn't get to become #SoImGoinFinishWhatHeStarted.”

    Overall, Twitter wasn’t really feeling what Thug had to say, especially since All Eyez On Me was just released to theaters.

    “Ur not anywhere close to being like pac,” Captain Obvious posing as a random Twitter user said of Thugga. “True. Pac could never reach thuggers level,” a troll subsequently replied.

    See all of the best #NewPac replies below.

  2. Thugga's claim...
  3. And The Reaction...

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/WireImage, Steve Granitz Archive/WireImage)


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