UPDATE: Meek Mill Responds To Safaree Incident

UPDATE: Meek Mill Responds To Safaree Incident

He's denying it even happened.

Published June 25, 2017


Safaree's already given a couple of statements about what went down with Meek Mill the other day. Now, after what seems like forever in Internet minutes, the Philly rapper is responding.

“Ain’t no beef,” Meek responded in a video captured by TMZ. “I’m a boss. I’m a don. I don’t even fight. I don’t even know how they got us confused with that type of stuff, man.”

When he was asked about the beef, he jokingly referred to Safaree as "who?" I mean maybe this isn't over but this whole "jumping" incident that happened wasn't a good look for anyone.

Check out the Meek's latest comments as well as the original story below.


Unexpected news came at the beginning of the weekend after video surfaced of Meek Mill “attempting” to jump Safaree Samuels.

The pair of Nicki Minaj’s ex's have been beefing pretty much ever since Meek began his relationship with the Queens rapper. We never thought it would get this far, especially since their dislike for each other hasn’t seen a new development for a while.

After the attempted jumping, Safaree responded on Instagram, and of course, did the typical rapper, “I’m still stunting” explanation (Meek’s done that a few times, so at least they have that in common).

In preparation for the BET Awards tonight (June 25), we caught up with Safaree and asked him to expand on his rekindled beef with Meek Mill.

“I understand your place of desperation and wanting acknowledgement from me,” Samuels said. “One day, we can hug it out and we can shake hands, and we can be friends. Until then, you’ll just have to watch me rise from where you are. I feel that is what is hurting some of these people’s hearts.”

Ummm. Sure.

Maybe we can hurry this up and end this beef soon? They’re both not with Nicki anymore sooo, let’s move on?

Check out Safaree’s reaction to Meek Mill’s attempted jumping of him below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: BET, Lisa Lake/Getty Images for PUMA)


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