No I.D. Spills All The Details Behind Jay-Z's '4:44'

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No I.D. Spills All The Details Behind Jay-Z's '4:44'

He says more songs are on the way, too.

Published July 1, 2017

No I.D. is credited with producing Jay-Z’s entire new 4:44 album, so any insight he has on the hottest LP out right now is definitely welcomed by hip-hop heads.

Knowing this, the legendary producer spoke with Rolling Stone and revealed some good stuff. At first, he talked about how he was able to help push Hov into talking about his life on the new project. He says it was Jay’s idea, but he assisted creatively.

"This album is about Shawn Carter, Jay-Z, opening up, and me scoring that," No I.D. told the magazine. “I knew he wanted to [say those things]. I don't want to take credit for what he wanted to do in the first place. I helped push him by saying, ‘Hey, this is what you said, this is what we know. And I don't think people need to hear it. I think people need to hear what they don't know.’"

So far, many fans are loving the album, but want a little more from it. Young Guru, who engineered and helped fine-tune a lot of the joints, already confirmed a song called “Adnis” would be on physical copies of the release. No I.D. though, says that three additional songs are coming out soon.

"There's three more songs that are coming out as bonuses," he revealed. "James Blake came in and joined into the process. There's more coming shortly that's equally as revealing."

Read the full interview here, which includes No I.D. discussing Jay-Z’s input on samples, his own growth enabling himself to present album ideas to Hov and more.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


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