Photos of Webbie's Girlfriend Released Following Alleged Domestic Battery Incident

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 09: Webbie attends the Niki Minaj pre-album release party at Club Esso on November 9, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Photos of Webbie's Girlfriend Released Following Alleged Domestic Battery Incident

The pictures reveal brutal injuries on the 25-year-old woman.

Published July 6, 2017

UPDATE (7/10/17, 1 p.m.): After Webbie’s arrest on a reported domestic incident with his girlfriend in a hotel on Wednesday (July 5), recent developments of the situation could potentially be making matters worse for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rap star.

Released by TMZ, photos of the alleged attack on the 25-year-old woman reveal a slew of brutal injuries. Several discolored bruises and deep scar wounds can be seen on her back, face and arms, which had also been previously reported by law enforcement officials, who responded to the scene.

TMZ adds that in addition to the visible trauma, she also had a fractured nose, hematomas, or swollen blood clots caused from battering, and belt marks left on her back, arms and legs as well. Thus far, the “Independent” rap artist has been charged with three felonies, including second degree battery, as legal proceedings ensue. 

See the photos of her injuries below.

Original Story: 

A disastrous domestic dispute between Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rapper Webbie and his 25-year-old girlfriend on Wednesday (July 5) unfortunately ended in a hospital visit and an arrest, according to TMZ.

After being arrested in his hometown, the site has also reported details of the volatile incident from law enforcement sources on the case as well.

Unfolding in a Baton Rouge hotel, officials revealed that the woman accused Webbie of choking and hitting her, adding the discovery of bruising across her face and neck, TMZ reports. The sources added that he also held her hostage for over two hours after the attack. Due to the severity of her visible injuries, she was taken to a hospital and Webbie was arrested after police responded to the incident.

Amid his arrest, the Savage Life artist ended up at a hospital to be checked out after struggling with an unnamed medical issue, TMZ adds, but was sent straight to jail right after. He has reportedly been hit with a trio of felony charges, including second degree battery, false imprisonment and domestic abuse by strangulation.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic)


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