Another Woman of R. Kelly's Alleged Sex 'Cult' Comes Forth With New Details

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Another Woman of R. Kelly's Alleged Sex 'Cult' Comes Forth With New Details

"We can’t look at each other or communicate with each other.”

Published July 20, 2017

Since news broke of R. Kelly's alleged sex "cult," which reportedly involves several young women being held against their will, the details of the R&B crooner's trysts have become more and more bizarre by the minute.

Most recently, a woman formerly involved with the "Bump N' Grind" singer spoke to Jezebel about life within his inner circle. The woman, referred to as "Kim," chose to remain unidentified but didn't spare any shocking details regarding R. Kelly's physical, sexual and psychological abuse. While she confirmed that each of the women living under Kelly's supervision are "all above the age of consent," she described their behavior as "witnessing Stockholm Syndrome."

According to the BuzzFeed report, penned by Chicago reporter Jim DeRogatis, the parents of the young women involved with Kelly believe that they are being held against their will and prohibiting them from talking to their families. Former girlfriends of the "12 Play" singer told DeRogatis that they were required to wear tracksuits in an attempt to hide their figures, agree to sexual encounters which were often times recorded and have their phones replaced with ones that they can only use with his permission.

While one of Kelly's girlfriends has vehemently denied the eyebrow-raising details, saying she has chosen not to speak to her family and even insisting that she is "happy." However, Kim tells a very different story.

“All these girls just dote on him,” she told Jezebel. “It’s so fucked up. They’re completely manipulated and brainwashed.”

Kim became involved with Kelly roughly one year ago after being invited onstage during one of his concerts and then to an after-party. While she never had her phone taken away or was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, Kim claims she realized that Kelly was "very controlling."

“When we’re out we’re not allowed to look at anyone,” she said. “We have to keep our heads down. If we’re back in his studio sitting on the couches and he has friends across the room at the bar, we can’t look at each other or communicate with each other.” The girls are also instructed to “tell on each other,” she said. “If we’re in an Uber and we chat up the driver, we’re supposed to tell him this girl did this or that. He’s very controlling and manipulative. He likes to be in control.”

If that wasn't bizarre enough, Kim also revealed that the women aren't allowed to compliment each on their outfits and are strictly kept from knowing too much about each other. “We’re not allowed to talk about anything," she said. "We can compliment shoes or nail polish or make small talk about the weather but we can’t talk about any personal details.”

R. Kelly's sexual conquests are even more questionable. While Kim admitted to never witnessing Kelly force himself sexually on any of the girls, she confirms that his control over the women is absolute.

“He never makes threats,” she said. “But the girls are so eager to do whatever he wants. He’ll wake us out of a dead sleep and say to this girl, ‘Suck my d**k,’ or to these two girls, ‘Kiss on each other,’ and immediately, without thought, they jump right to it. It’s just bizarre. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before honestly.”

While the R&B world and fans alike attempt to wrap their heads around this scandal, you can take a look at the full interview here.

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)


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