Global Sounds Records Is Making a Major Music Industry Entrance


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Global Sounds Records Is Making a Major Music Industry Entrance

Especially for independent labels and recording artists.

Published August 1, 2017

With independent artistry on the rise and the entire landscape of the music industry making shifts in the right direction every day, international distribution label Global Sounds Records arrives right on time.

Now that its releasing the label’s compilation album, including standout talents such as Shabazz the Disciple, Outlawz’s Young Noble and Bizz the Prince, the label’s arrival is shaping up to be even more thrilling.

Owned by Rhasun Tapp Sr. and established in 2013, Global Sounds has rallied up respected industry names and talents for the sound inclusion of four different countries on their Global Concourse Vol. 1 project. Young Noble and Shabazz The Disciple are two rap talents present on the album representing for the U.S.A., with other international acts such as DetinB and Skaha Amazula The 7th of the U.K., Lord Fury, Tikal and Rise Sovereign of Canada, and The Villains of New Zealand.

The album is especially anticipatory with iconic sound genius 4th Disciple, best known for his ties to legendary rap clique Wu-Tang Clan, dropping his production skills on it. Dropping this summer, Global Sounds will also roll out The ALGORYTHEM project with hip-hop highlights like RZA, Sadat X, Boaz, Hue Heff and Planet Asia. And expect things for Global Sounds artistry to only go up from there, including the currently-released “Good Life” single from Peedi Crakk and Litt Squad’s WELCOME 2 THA SQUAD EP to kick off September.

Check out the official Global Concourse Vol. 1 in its entirety here and keep an eye out for the rest of what Global Sounds Records has in store for 2017.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: HERB PARSI via Erin Burke PR)


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