Lord Jamar Is Challenging the Internet to Put Books to Their Ears, Not Cash

Book Phone Challenge (Photo: Lord Jamar via Instagram)

Lord Jamar Is Challenging the Internet to Put Books to Their Ears, Not Cash

"The knowledge is callin'."

Published August 3, 2017

There were a lot of takeaways from Jay-Z's 13th studio album, 4:44, but the one that got most of his fellow rappers' attention was his "money phone" lyric. On "The Story of O.J.," Hov insisted everyone stop putting stacks of money up to their ear in the club and invest it instead. Following the track's release, a number of artists stood up in opposition, but it seems that Brand Nubian artist Lord Jamar is agreeing with Jay. Instead of investing, however, Lord Jamar recently shared a thread on Instagram, calling for individuals to put the money stacks down and hold up books.  

Lord Jamar initiated the "#BookPhoneChallenge," which invites hip-hop fanatics and literature enthusiasts to post images of themselves holding books to their ear in substitution of money. To kick off the challenge, the rapper posted several pictures on Instagram. "On my book phone... the knowledge is callin'," Lord Jamar wrote in the caption of one photo. In an accompanying video, Jamar hilariously acted as if he were having a conversation with someone on the other line. "I hear loud and clear. The connection is crystal clear," he said. "I mean I've never had something that I could hear so clear before."

On my BOOK PHONE...the KNOWLEDGE is callin!!!

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Lord Jamar may have found the silver lining from Jigga's line, but the message seems to be going through one ear and out the other for a large chunk of hip-hop. Future, Drake and Boosie Badazz have all posted pictures and videos with their money phones on social media in spite of Jay's lesson. It's unclear why these artists are really hurt, but as the Brooklyn rapper noted, there is definitely a "disconnect."  

It's OK; no one really has to listen to Jay-Z or even Lord Jamar about the importance of investing and literature. But there's nothing wrong with bettering yourself. Since Jamar launched the #BookPhoneChallenge, more than 7,000 posts have been shared on Instagram, including images from men, women and children. At least someone gets it.

Y'all wanna make the BOOK PHONE a CHALLENGE???...Then make it happen!!! #bookphonechallenge

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Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photo: Lord Jamar via Instagram)


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