Kidd Creole of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five Charged With the Murder of a Homeless Rapist

Portriat of hip hop group Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, 1984. Pictured are, from left, Raheim (born Guy Williams), Kidd Creole (born Nathaniel Glover), Grandmaster Flash (born Joseph Saddler), Cowboy (born Robert Keith Wiggins), Scorpio (born Eddie Morris), and Melle Mel (right). (Photo by Anthony Barboza/Getty Images)

Kidd Creole of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five Charged With the Murder of a Homeless Rapist

Reports claim the OG rap star fatally stabbed the victim as he was on his way to work.

Published August 3, 2017

According to reports from the New York Daily News, legendary hip-hop clique Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s Kidd Creole, real name Nathaniel Glover, has been charged with murder following the fatal stabbing of a homeless man on Tuesday (August 1).

The NY Daily News names the victim as John Jolly, 55, whom Glover reportedly got into an altercation with after suspicion that Jolly was making sexual advances at him. Unnamed sources also revealed that Glover was reporting to his job in New York City as a janitor when the two ran into each other.  

“He turned, interpreting that the guy was making an advance toward him,” the source allegedly said. “One thing led to another, and he shivved him twice in the chest.”

Another source, NY Daily News reports, supported these claims, stating that both men “had no prior relationship.” But once words were exchanged in “some sort of diss,” the confrontation took a fatal downward spiral, the source allegedly said.

The Daily News adds that Jolly was a convicted rapist and sex offender who had been living out of a homeless shelter in NYC. According to state corrections records, he served five years in prison for the 1997 brutal assault and rape of a 42-year-old woman and was registered as a level 2 sex offender.

Prior to his run-in with Glover, witnesses noted that Jolly was intoxicated during the time of the altercation, which may explain why bystanders who phoned the police originally thought he had fainted, law officials told NY Daily News. Once authorities arrived and found the stab wounds in Jolly’s chest, he was immediately sent to Bellevue Hospital Center. Unfortunately, Jolly succumbed to the injuries at the hospital and Glover was arrested on murder charges thereafter.

“The Message” emcee veteran was reportedly silent as he was escorted by detectives from his place of business while wearing a blue janitor’s uniform. Those who were close to him, such as his neighbors, had words of disbelief about the incident, however.  

“That is so sad, I’m really in shock right now,” said a 72-year-old woman who lives below Glover. “He was the sweetest man I’ve ever met. Everybody liked him, I’m really about to cry.”

Surveillance footage captured Glover on camera near the scene of the killing, which led to his arrest. He is officially charged with second-degree murder, carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison.


Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Anthony Barboza/Getty Images)


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