Did Someone Dig Up Concert Footage of Usher and One of His Accusers?

Did Someone Dig Up Concert Footage of Usher and One of His Accusers?


Published August 7, 2017

R&B heartthrob Usher and his unfortunate STD saga are making more developments, but sadly, for the worse.

Now that two women and an unnamed man have entered the equation with their lawsuits against him, one Twitter user believes she may have dug up the identity of one of his accusers by way of a pretty questionable video.

Quantasia Sharpton, one of the women who has come forth in the “Caught Up” singer’s herpes scandal, has claimed that the two were involved sexually while Usher was fully aware that he was infected with the disease. According to TMZ, Sharpton asserts that though she has tested negative, her lawsuit is on the basis of violation because he exposed her to the STD. Sharpton and her testimonies are also being backed by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, credited for her plaintiff representation against Bill O’ Reilly in a sexual assault case.

Bloom, however, does reveal that there are no confirmations that Usher has contracted the disease. But her one question is shared by pretty much all of Usher’s fans and those keeping up with developments: why is he still silent? Claiming that she was picked out of a crowd by Usher during a concert she attended on her 19th birthday, Sharpton said that it all began once they exchanged numbers.

According to her, he showed up to her hotel and they were intimate — but without knowledge that he was infected, which she claims he withheld from her. One Twitter user, “@babyheirandafro,” seems to believe that she’s found the proof in Sharpton’s testimonial pudding, however. It is unclear whether it’s actually her in the video, but the shockingly steamy concert video shows a young woman grinding and doing all things NSFW with Usher after being pulled on stage.

There’s still no solid confirmations yet on the footage, Usher’s health status, or official statements from his team. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that the nearly month-long fishy business can be cleared up sooner than later.

See Bloom and Sharpton’s statements on the lawsuit and the concert footage in question below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Babyheirandfro2 via Twitter)


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