Hip-Hop's 44th Birthday Is Getting the Google Treatment

Hip-Hop's 44th Birthday Is Getting the Google Treatment

Happy Birthday, hip-hop!

Published August 11, 2017

Today, August 11, is hip-hop's birthday! And in honor of the groundbreaking genre's 44th year of life, Google launched its latest doodle, featuring a number of vintage symbols that recall its humble beginnings back in 1970s NYC.  

The doodle, which was created by graffiti artist Cey Adams, illustrates a hand scratching on a pair of turntables. In the center of the record is the Google sign etched in graffiti. "The project is rooted in honoring the past," Adams said during an interview published by Google. The doodle also includes a storytelling element, which is narrated by Fab 5 Freddy, who originally co-hosted Yo! MTV Raps in the '80s. "For those who have have grown up with this, they’re gonna be amazed to see such a huge part of their lives acknowledged," Freddy said.

Hip-hop originated in the South Bronx of New York City. DJ Kool Herc introduced the new style to the people during a back-to-school party in 1973, with a technique now known as "the break." Since its start, hip-hop has evolved tremendously, moving from underground parties to sold-out arenas around the world. And, most recently, Nielsen Music announced that hip-hop is the most dominant genre in the music industry, overtaking rock 'n' roll. It's the first time in U.S. history that the culture is on top.

"Hip Hop originated as a way for young people to focus on something positive in the midst of the negative forces around them," Perla Campos, one of the creators of the doodle, said. "I want people to feel that same hope and positivity from this Doodle."

Check out the Google Doodle on the site today and be sure to listen to your favorite hip-hop track in honor of the genre's 44th birthday.

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photo: Google)


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