Irv Gotti Claims the Kardashian-Jenner Family Is Driving Racism

Irv Gotti Claims the Kardashian-Jenner Family Is Driving Racism

"They are changing the minds of young white girls across America."

Published August 14, 2017

As the turmoil in Charolettesville continues to rage forward, many are searching for solutions to this country's unwavering racism and bigotry. While Trump seems to be handling the matter rather sheepishly, hesitating to speak on the violent protests or put his Twitter fingers to use, Irv Gotti is offering his take on the growing racial tension.

According to the rap vet, the Kardashian-Jenner clan have contributed to the racial divide ― namely, their embrace of Black culture. In a now deleted Instagram post, Irv suggested that Kylie's penchant for dating rappers like Tyga and Travis Scott is fueling a lot of the hate that we are witnessing today. “Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner’s daughter. Arguably the HOTTEST CHICK ON THE PLANET!!," the mogul began his lenghthy post. "Dated Tyga!! Now dating Travis Scott!! 2 RAP N****S!! I think when Trump says. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I think he is saying LETS GET OUR WOMEN BACK."

"They are changing the minds of young white girls across America," Irv continued as he cited Khloe and Kim Kardashian as culprits in addition to Kylie. 

The Murder Inc. founder's comments, however, aren't to be misinterpreted as shade. In fact, Irv has a deep affinity for the buzzing socialites; specifically Kris Jenner's exceptional "mom-ager" skills. Even so, the mogul strongly feels that white men and their families aren't too fond of the idea of their daughters following in the reality stars' footsteps. “This isn’t a message bashing the Kardashians Or Kylie and Kendall," he explained.

"They are dope to me. They are a part of this thing called Hip Hop CULTURE. So I love them and their success. Kris Jenner is a f**king Genius to me. I’m just stating what Racist Old White Men are mad about. It’s crystal clear."

Check out Irv Gotti's Kardashian rant, below. 

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Written by Kai Miller

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