LOL: Kodak Black FaceTimed Future After Taking One of His Lyrics Completely Wrong

LOL: Kodak Black FaceTimed Future After Taking One of His Lyrics Completely Wrong

The curious case of the mumble rap.

Published August 14, 2017

In 2017, it’s time for us all to come to terms with the fact that hip-hop’s hotly debated mumble rap is officially a thing — and it’s here to stay.

But it might be helpful for fans to actually understand the lyrics of the ambiguous rap subgenre first, which Florida rapper Kodak Black has brought us one step closer to after a hilarious FaceTime with trap music dignitary Future

Kodak was posted up once again in his natural digital habitat, Instagram Live, and found himself on the subject of Fewtch’s HNDRXX single “Comin Out Strong.” In a matter-of-fact moment for the 20-year-old emcee, he remembers the track’s second verse, where Fewtch’s mumbled lyric apparently stupefied him after hearing the words totally wrong.  But even we have to agree that, with Fewtch’s knack for Auto-Tune, his “the only time I feel alive when is I take [stick]” line could easily be confused.

Thankfully, Kodak’s relationship with Future is genuine enough for him to ring him up and have him clear the air on the line, though, which is exactly what he did.

“This s**t right here throwed me, dog,” he said. ““I gotta call my n***a Future because we be talking like business s**t, like CEO s**t. On some real n***a s**t, like want to see a young n***a win and s**t. But I gotta hit him up and ask him this question and s**t.”

As the FaceTime ringer ensues, Kodak admits that the conversation probably shouldn’t be going down while he’s on Instagram Live. It’s too late, though, because Fewtch has already picked up the call in the video before Kodak was even able to finish his sentence.

“Aye, bruh,” he says to Fewtch. “I’m listening to this song, dog. And n****s f**k with you so tough, homie. What did you say on this part right here?”

After Kodak plays the track back for him, the “No Flockin” rapper could finally take a breath of relief when he hears Fewtch’s answer.

“The only time I feel alive is when I take...,” the Freebandz helmer clarifies. “Yeah, like I took a pill.”

There you have it, Kodak. Now you can get some shut-eye.

See how Kodak straightened things out with “Comin Out Strong” below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from Left: JLN Photography/, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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