Master P Doesn't Think Kodak Black Has Ever Seen His Own Record Contract

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Master P Doesn't Think Kodak Black Has Ever Seen His Own Record Contract

The rap mogul dropped a bombshell during his "Breakfast Club" interview.

Published August 17, 2017

Just two days after making headlines for a social media spat, Master P is clearing the air once and for all regarding his business relationship with Kodak Black. Most recently, things turned sour between the veteran producer and the Florida rapper after Kodak claimed that Master P was charging for his "mentorship."

According to the Project Baby artist, Master P attempted to play him for a "fool." Kodak took to Instagram Live to air out his grievances with the No Limit CEO on Tuesday (Aug. 15). "I still f**k with Master P the long way. But I ain’t no motherf**king fool,” he told his fans. “I give n****s whatever game I got, I give it to them for free. Ain’t charging ‘em, I ain’t gon’ buy no game from no n***a.”

Shortly after, the business savvy mogul responded with a detailed explanation of what occurred, saying, "I treated him like a son. If Kodak wants to grow his own business, he’s going to have to cut some people off that are not right for his business." In a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, Master P further expanded on these thoughts.

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The "Bout It, Bout It" rapper kicked things off by praising Kodak as a "star." However, P makes it clear that a lot of people are taking advantage of the young artist ― even implying that Kodak is steering his career blindly without any knowledge of his contractual obligations.

When asked by Angela Yee if Kodak has, in fact, seen his contract, P responded, "I don't think so. I don't even know where his money comes from." According to the mogul, Kodak's management team, namely his lawyer Theo Sedlmayr, have made questionable decisions on the rookie's behalf. "We can expose this for other artists across the world," P explained. "You don't have to be afraid when someone ain't right." 

"I feel like Theo's been placed around [Kodak]," he continued. "I'mma keep it 100, if you my partner. Then, they tried to twist us against each other." 

Check out Master P's full interview with The Breakfast Club below.


Written by Kai Miller

(Photo from left: Erika Goldring/Getty Images, John Parra/Getty Images)


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