Styles P's Emotional Comments On Daughter's Suicide Brings Joe Budden To Tears

Styles P's Emotional Comments On Daughter's Suicide Brings Joe Budden To Tears

The rapper's openness deeply affected Joe Budden.

Published August 22, 2017

While Styles P has managed to avoid much of the limelight and readjust his focus on fostering health initiatives in the Black community, the rapper recently made headlines for discussing his daughter's suicide. The Lox front man was commended for his openness during the emotional Breakfast Club interview and even days later it continues to impact his fans including the likes of Joe Budden

On Wednesday (Aug. 16), Styles, along with his wife, Adjua Styles, appeared on the popular radio show to share their first-hand experience with suicide, revealing that their daughter, Tai, had showed no signs of wanting to take her life. "As much as you think that they're telling you everything, you don't know everything," Adjua said when asked if Tai was battling depression at the time.

Tai, who was 19 at the time of the fatal incident, was living outside of her parents' home and in the process of dealing with a breakup. In the wake of Tai's death, Styles and Aduja have beared the burden of immense guilt knowing that they weren't around when she may have needed them the most. "If we knew she was depressed she would've been home with us," the "Good Times" rapper admitted.

"Some things you can't see because people won't tell you," he said. "We all deal with depression on some sort of level, but with suicide it's often like [people assume] the person's depressed." 

Nearly a week later, Styles's open dialogue has struck a chord with fellow emcee Joe Budden. The Everyday Struggle host was brought to tears after watching an emotional clip from the rapper's Breakfast Club interview. "I don't even know what to say here," Joe responds when asked for his thoughts on the topic.

"Styles, I've been listening to since '96," he continues. "For me, I love watching the people that I listen to because they teach me how to age in hip-hop. Hip-hop has taught me so much of the information that the world did not." 

Through his introspective work, Joe has continually addressed his own struggles with mental health. The New Jersey native's catalog boasts stand-out tracks like "Calm Down," in which he openly discusses his drug addiction and the lineage of mental illness being passed down from generation to generation. 

"This is something that probably will not ever be addressed," Joe explained. "So, you need people like Styles to speak out on this."

The Slaughterhouse frontman continued to detail his struggles with being suicidal and how mental illness can evolve over time. "You never see the signs. You never know," Joe said. "But I would like to see hip-hop address it more. We're so powerful as a culture." 

Check out the full Everyday Struggle episode below. Things get real around the 16:00 mark. 

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo from left: Everyday Struggle via Twitter, The Breakfast Club via Youtube)


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