Tyrese Undergoes 3-Hour Surgery, Posts Inspiring Update

Tyrese Undergoes 3-Hour Surgery, Posts Inspiring Update

"God has a way of sometimes forcing us to slow down..."

Published August 22, 2017

While everyone had their eyes covered in protective eyewear yesterday to catch a rare sighting of the total solar eclipse, R&B crooner and film star Tyrese was settled in a hospital bed after undergoing a three-hour surgery.

We’re happy to know now that Tyrese is in full recovery mode and is feeling well enough to spread just as much inspiration and light that the orbital event brought to the rest of the world on Monday (August 22).

As he posted to his Instagram, the Fast and Furious star is pictured in the hospital bed presumably following the surgery. And you can nearly feel the warmth from the hug of his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla Gibson, as her arms are wrapped around his head in a loving embrace.

“By my side,” he wrote in the caption. “My Amazing wife and daughter have been by my side every step of the way.... When it comes down to the real stuff no one is ever there but family...... Father God I thank you for your extended grace and mercy 3 hour surgery I made it through.”

Tyrese reveals that he wasn’t able to catch the solar eclipse because he was in the middle of surgery at the time, something he hopes to one day understand the significance of. The 38-year-old doesn’t share what the procedure actually was or what led to the surgery in the first place. But in his inspirational message, he reminds every one of the importance of self-care.

“I appreciate your prayers and energy, God has a way of sometimes forcing us to slow down,” he continued. “When I get up? I feel like I'm about to change the world........ #PrayerWarriors I feel your love...... thank you!”

Here’s to a speedy recovery and more blessings for Tyrese!

Below see his official last post from the hospital bed, where he's recovering. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Tyrese via Instagram)


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