Akon Has Some Words For The "Blacks For Trump" Guy

(Photo from left: Mike Pont/Getty Images, Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Akon Has Some Words For The "Blacks For Trump" Guy

"He’s an idiot for doing it.”

Published August 24, 2017

(Photo from left: Mike Pont/Getty Images, Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Aside from Donald Trump's absurd and dishonest comments about the events that took place in Charlottesville, there was one other person who caught the public’s attention during the president’s rally in Phoenix on Aug. 23. Maurice Symonette, who was spotted wearing a “Blacks for Trump” shirt and hoisting a poster with the same message in the air, quickly became the center of controversy, inciting disappointment and rage within the Black community. Akon was particularly alarmed by Symonette’s allegiance to the president, and condemned him for being apart of the Republican movement.

TMZ caught up with the Konvict Muzik artist to discuss his thoughts about Symonette and the nation’s current political climate. In conversation, Akon suggested that Symonette was compensated for attending the rally. “This dude is being paid to be there, and he’s an idiot for doing it,” the rapper said. “It just goes to show how selfish our society is to the point where you don’t think about everyone else or the long-term goal of what the freedom of this country should become and what people fought for up until this point for us. You know, a little dollar, you’re willing to sell yourself out, your people out and your soul out.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Symonette was paid in exchange for his attendance, the man reportedly has a history of forging extreme political alliances with various organizations, TMZ reports. In the past, he’s even gone so far as to publicly suggest Hillary Clinton and ISIS were collaborating to kill Black and white women.

Some fans may be a little surprised by Akon’s recent comments though, considering he was singing a very different tune earlier in Trump’s presidency. Following the election, Akon claimed that he “respected” Trump and thought he was “the most courageous president to ever hit the office.” But after observing how Trump has handled the terrorist events in Charlottesville, a potential nuclear war with North Korea, and the current health care dilemma, it’s clear why Akon decided to switch teams.

Watch the video below to see Akon’s full comments on Symonette.

Written by Jessica McKinney


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