Houston Rapper Baby Bash Releases Video While Stuck In His Home From Hurricane Harvey

LONG BEACH, CA - AUGUST 05:  Rapper Baby Bash attends the Summertime in the LBC festival on August 5, 2017 in Long Beach, California.  (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Houston Rapper Baby Bash Releases Video While Stuck In His Home From Hurricane Harvey

"It's chaos and tragedy. It's almost to biblical proportions."

Published August 29, 2017

The catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the tropical storm ripping through Houston and surrounding areas, has currently left a death toll of nine people, up to a possible 50 inches of rainfall and citywide ruin for Houston citizens in need of rescue.

While several people, including Hollywood’s most influential, have stepped forth to urge those from the outside to lend a helping hand, Houston rap star Baby Bash is reporting on the calamity from the inside.

Bash began by immediately sharing updates on the disastrous conditions that he likened to biblical days.

“Well, what’s going is chaos,” he said. “Tragedy. It’s almost to biblical proportions. It’s like a biblical, historical flood every 500 years.”

While stuck in his own home from the storm’s flooding, he explained that he could only watch the news and hop on social media to gain and share information. He’s privy to the different relief funds and donation services being set up to aid citizens, however, he reminds viewers that there are more ways to help  other than money. Donating clothes, towels and what little food he had in his home to a church down the street is a perfect example of that. He said that's what he and his family were focused on.  

 “We want people to understand this is real,” he said. “This is not no joke. This is devastating.”

Unfortunately, he added that the “looting” has also began in the midst of the disarray. The “Suga Suga” artist even revealed that someone jacked his father’s truck and rammed it into a CVS, attempting to steal an ATM from the store.

 “People don’t understand — the flood is one thing,” he explained. “And then the chaos, and the anarchy, and the craziness, and people just desperate to steal to survive is going to be a whole other issue.”

Bash added that it would be a while before the city recovers from Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact. As for his current state, he claims to be doing OK, and asks fans not to worry about him. It’s others who have been affected far worse, Bash said, who needs help the most during this time.  

Bash’s close collaborator and another Houston emcee Paul Wall seconded these claims in his own video, sharing details on the situation at hand.

 “Some houses are completely gone,” Wall revealed. “Some people lost everything: their life savings, all of their clothes and possessions. This is the week that kids go back to school, so a lot of kids lost their school supplies and school clothes. It’s sad. We definitely weren’t expecting it to get this bad, and it’s continuing to get worse.”

He also supported Bash’s claims that money is helpful, but there are far more important resources that are crucial to Houstonians. Water is of the highest priority for affected citizens, The Peoples Champ rapper explained. Food is also among the most important, due to the fact that grocery stores were wiped clean from people who stocked up on food in advance to prepare for the storm. Wall encouraged folks to locate GoFundMe's that have been set up by citizens, adding that there are several helping hands from his own friends and athletes who did not want to be named.

As updates on the tropical storm are under way, BET sends our strongest support, prayers and thoughts to all those affected. We stand with Houston.

See Baby Bash’s and Paul Wall’s message to bring everyone up to speed on the current state of the nation's fourth largest city below.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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