Is A Lil B Curse On Lonzo Ball Coming For His Nas Comments?

Is A Lil B Curse On Lonzo Ball Coming For His Nas Comments?

This may be the worst backlash yet.

Published September 2, 2017

Ask Kevin Durant, getting a Lil B curse put on you isn’t a good look in any manner. That’s why Lonzo Ball needs to be careful when calling hip-hop gatekeepers “outdated.”

The L.A. Lakers rookie point guard has a bright future ahead of him and has shown promise in NBA Summer League play. That could all change (at least if you’re the suspicious type) for him.

The BasedGod took to Twitter this afternoon and made it clear that if you mess with Nas, you’re playing with his evil spirits.

“Lonzo ball is a few seconds away from being cursed his rookie year on the lakers, nas is hip hop and always relevant, watch ur team,” he tweeted.

The comments that got Lonzo in trouble were from the most recent episode of Ball in the Family in which the eldest Ball son said, "Y’all outdated, man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore. Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.”

Most on social media scorched the teenager for his comments while other said he’s too young to fully understand Nas’ impact on hip-hop.

This is probably a good reason why teenage basketball player’s takes on hip-hop aren’t the best. At least do your Googles before making a comment like that, Lonzo.

Anyway, see Lil B’s tweet below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Daniel Boczarski/Redferns via Getty Images)


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