Premiere: TYuS Is A Knight In Shining R&B Armor For His 'Count On Me' Music Video

Premiere: TYuS Is A Knight In Shining R&B Armor For His 'Count On Me' Music Video

The Portland-native has all that it takes to save his love life — literally.

Published September 8, 2017

What do you do when you’ve been held at gunpoint, snatched away from your lover and held hostage for a ransom that you’re not sure will ever come?

If you’re the woman of Portland singer-songwriter TYuS, you don’t just call on him, you count on him against all odds.

In the Warner Bros. signee’s visuals for one of his latest R&B cuts, “Count On Me,” TYuS finds himself receiving a FaceTime call from a kidnapping perpetrator who has just stolen his heart. What we mean by his heart is his girl, who was taken against her will and held up by money-hungry crooks with no intent of returning her until they receive a payday from the RoseTribe leader.

TYuS’s lyrically-driven croons fit the narrative’s vibes perfectly, as he’s seen in varying shots calmly preparing for the ultimate rescue of his lover. And he doesn’t need a cape nor a Batmobile to do it, just his sleek, pearly-white Rolls-Royce, a suitcase with the ransom coins and a surprise bonus for the kidnapping culprits. After finally catching up with them to exchange the cash for his now-traumatized lover, an explosive end to the video confirms his loyalty to her.

Aesthetically, it’s reasonable to understand how the Never Forget artist might have previously been likened to a famed fellow songwriter PARTYNEXTDOOR. His rough, yet neatly kept locs are the first noticeable reminder of OVO Sound’s first-ever signee. There’s also the perfect balance of a hip-hop undertone beneath TYuS’s tracks that create genre interchangeability for his sound. However, after taking a closer listen to TYuS’s cadence across the smoothly rhythmic instrumentals and unique tenor of his vocals, it becomes unhesitatingly evident that the Portland musician is dominating a lane of his own.

See where that lane is headed in the official “Count On Me” music video up top.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Warner Bros. Music)


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