Redman Tells A Story About 9/11 That He's Never Shared

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Redman Tells A Story About 9/11 That He's Never Shared

...and the effect it's had on him 16 years later.

Published September 12, 2017

On Monday (Septemember 11), the nation gathered to honor the many lives lost during the infamous terrorist attacks that shook the nation 16 years ago, killing nearly 3,000 people.

While each person affected by the travesty has their own unique, individual stories about how the attack has impacted them several years later, Redman's September 11 recollection has a silver lining.

Before beginning his story, he sends his condolences to the victims and families of the attack. He then continues on to explain that on that fateful morning, he so happened to be out and about.

“R.I.P. to all the [lives senselessly lost] on 9/11 and all the families that lost loved ones on 9/11 — my heart beats with you,” he began. “This is a story I never told before: I worked late on 9/11, I passed the towers about 8:00 on 9/11.”

Redman said that just 10 minutes after passing the Twin Towers, the now-dismantled landmark of the World Trade Center in New York, a friend of his alerted him that they were set on fire. Redman was on his way to Staten Island, he said, and was reasonably confused and unbelieving of him considering that he had just passed the towers. He said that after pulling over onto a waterway on Bay Street that allows a landscape view of the city, he witnessed exactly what his friend warned about as the building went up in flames.

“I pulled over on Bay Street and watched this whole, horrific event go down,” he said. “I’ve been cursed with the number 9/11.”

He revealed that every time he sees a clock, he now catches it whenever it reads “9:11.” While he doesn’t technically see it as a curse anymore, he is thankful that it’s a reminder of the people whose lives were lost that day.

And to all others who have experienced loss, trauma or were affected by the September 11 attacks, BET’s continued thoughts and prayers are with you.

Listen to Redman's September 11 experience below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Unique Nicole/Getty Images)


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