Is PARTYNEXTDOOR Taking Jabs At Kehlani With This New Song?

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Is PARTYNEXTDOOR Taking Jabs At Kehlani With This New Song?

"Worked too hard to make me the bad guy..."

Published September 19, 2017

PARTYNEXTDOOR and Kehlani’s romantic relationship has been over for at least a year now, but apparently one of them is still holding a pretty big grudge. PARTYNEXTDOOR recently dropped his new track, “Own Up to Your S**t,” and fans seem to think he took a couple jabs at his ex-girl.

The Cassius Jay-produced track doesn’t say any names, but it’s message definitely sounds like it’s addressing someone specific. The five-minute song begins by suggesting that he is going to take the high road. “I’ma keep you in my prayers/Even though you’re still talkin’ down on me,” he sings.

But as the trap soul beat progresses, Party seems to take a negative turn. “You wrong for this. Everybody knows that I’ve been honest/Move on from it, it’s too obvious/Worked too hard to make me the bad guy/And I worked too hard for me to keep sacrificin’ my silence/You gotta quit and break down baby girl/And just quit lyin’/Stop complainin’, quit complainin’,” he sings.

PARTYNEXTDOOR and the SweetSexySavage artist initially ended their relationship back in 2015. But the two sparked rumors of a reconciliation the following year after PND posted a photo of him and Kehlani in bed together. The picture triggered a lot of controversy on social media due to the fact that Kehlani was publicly dating then-Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving at the time. The media frenzy also prompted Kehlani's admittance to the hospital after a suicide attempt.

In response to his part in Kehlani’s breakdown, PND stated that he regretted “how it went down.” “I look into people’s eyes and I know they think I’m a bad guy. There’s a lot of details that people don’t know,” he told Rolling Stone at the time. But after trying to persuade fans and the media that he isn’t a bad guy, it looks like he doesn’t care anymore. 

Listen to "Own Up to Your S**t" below.  

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photos from Left: Prince Williams/WireImage, Gus Stewart/Redferns)


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