Here's Why SWV And T-Boz Had An Issue With VH1's 'Hip-Hop Honors'

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Here's Why SWV And T-Boz Had An Issue With VH1's 'Hip-Hop Honors'

And some questions.

Published September 19, 2017

The performances shutting down the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors stage on Monday (September 18) featured the music, vibes and faces of the glass ceiling-breaking contributors to the culture that still reign as icons in 2017.

But there were some hip-hop and R&B VIPs who weren’t impressed by the annual ceremony (nor invited to it): TLC’s T-Boz and the ladies of the ‘90s vocal trio SWV. And their reasons why are blatantly obvious.

Taking to Facebook, SWV’s Lelee called the network out for excluding some of the culture’s most notable artists on a show that’s supposed to honor all of them. According to her, the celebration had more to do with popularity than it did accuracy.

“Soooooo, VH1 is doing a show on game changers of the ‘90s, but not invite most of the artists that changed the game?,” Lelee wrote. “Where they do that at? I’m so sick of the d**k riding, popularity contest that flatters this new industry.”

Ending with a “numbers don’t lie” hashtag, she brought the message to Instagram, where she tagged the other members of the Sisters With Vocals trio, Coko and Taj. Not only did Lelee receive a cosign from her fellow group member on the post, but T-Boz showed up to second her thoughts as well.

“I feel you,” she wrote after Coko’s response, “Say that s**t, sis!”

After the controversy of a few Hollywood awards and celebrations leaving legendary figures off of the talent lineup, such as the Emmys, it’s understandable that the women would feel somewhat slighted. Let’s hope for 2018, however, that there’s more shine than shade on behalf of Hollywood’s well-deserving icons.

See what the ladies had to say about this year’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honors below.

#SWV and #TBoz of #TLC were not too pleased with this year's lineup of honorees for the #VH1HipHopHonors 👀👀

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo from left: Jim Spellman/WireImage, Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)


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