According To Lil Kim, Here's What Hugh Hefner Offered Her About $1 Million To Do

Lil' Kim and Hugh Hefner (Photo by Stephanie Allespach/WireImage)

According To Lil Kim, Here's What Hugh Hefner Offered Her About $1 Million To Do

The Queen Bee says she regrets turning down the deal to this day.

Published October 2, 2017

Following the death of Playboy maverick and editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner, all of the celebrities who have had the pleasure of bumping elbows with him at some point in his 91 years made sure to share their love in light of his passing.

Brooklyn’s iconic femcee Lil Kim, however, also shared a now-regrettable moment in time where she rejected an offer to be a part of his Playboy legacy now that he’s gone.

Kim took her heartfelt sincerity to Instagram with a photo of her and Hefner exchanging kisses at a 2002 Grammy’s after-party. Lamenting all of the time lost she wishes to have spent with him, she lauded the Chicago businessman for “[believing] in her beauty more than [herself].” She then mentioned her feelings of loss from that previously undisclosed seven-figure offer from Hugh as well.

“I remember turning down a non-disclosed 7 figure offer from Hugh and till this day I regret it, not because of the money, but because it would have been an honor to be a part of this beautiful mans archive and historic catalog,” she wrote in the caption. “You never changed up and you were always the same kind loving person. Every time I saw you, even after the fact that we didn't get to make history 2gether, our love for each other always remained the same. I Love You to the heavens Hugh and I will miss you dearly.  #riphughhefner.”

Kim doesn’t specifically get into the details of the offer, but judging by her would-be honor to be included in his “archive and catalog,” the best guess is that the deal fell along the lines of having her own cover, photo shoot or something of the like for the historic Playboy publication.

And we don’t doubt that it would have definitely been another iconic look from the Queen Bee.  

See her message to Hefner in the post below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Stephanie Allespach/WireImage)


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