Akon And T.I. Have Thoughts On Nelly's Rape Accusations

Akon And T.I. Have Thoughts On Nelly's Rape Accusations

They believe there's something to be learned from all of this.

Published October 9, 2017

As Nelly’s newly publicized rape case is underway following an arrest that he’s since been released from, so are the opinions from not only social media but also his fellow emcees.

Aside from the 21-year-old woman claiming that Nelly raped her without a condom then kicked her off his tour bus and Nelly himself claiming his innocence, there is scant detail about the events that reportedly took place on the morning of the alleged rape. However, his fellow St. Louis native, Senegalese music artist Akon, still isn’t buying the news that Nelly could do such a thing.

TMZ caught up with the “Locked Up” singer and asked for his take on Nelly’s sticky situation. He appeared shocked to even learn that the Nellyville emcee had even been arrested, let alone was facing a rape charge, especially considering that he’s “100 percent positive that he’s innocent.”

“I don’t see Nelly forcing no one — it just doesn’t make sense,” Akon replied.

He said that often those kinds of incidents involve entourage members or individuals who are connected to them. As a good friend of Nelly’s and an industry name himself, Akon added that he believes there are usually ulterior motives beneath such allegations.

“And oftentimes those kind of situations you have to be mindful of anyway because people like us are licks for these girls now,” he said. “We’re targets on every level and half the time they’ll set up a charge just for us to settle out. Just so we don’t deal with the embarrassment or go through the process of fighting it.”

He further explained how having the “stigma” of rape or sexual assault attached to their names taints their legacies. As for where he stands with Nelly, Akon said he’d definitely be open to working with him and rape is just not something he believes he’s capable of.

Grand Hustle Records honcho T.I. took on a criminal justice stance, adding his thoughts from the barber’s chair as he posed a few questions in light of Nelly’s rape allegations. Tip took it way back to other Hollywood luminaries, like boxing legend Mike Tyson and hip-hop idol Tupac, who similarly faced rape allegations during their careers. Declaring that high profile individuals should not be made “targets,” Tip suggested that women who lie about rape should face harsher consequences.

“What the f**k ever happened after the motherf**ker find out that the b***h was lying?,” he asked. “What consequences is there for this young lady? Because we take ours. If more than 12 find her guilty, we got the answer for that. But, if they find out that wasn’t true, what the f**k happens to her?”

The proof of the alleged rape isn’t in the pudding just yet, but neither is the proof of what some have deemed lies from the 21-year-old either.

In the meantime, see what Akon and Tip had to say in defense of Nelly below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

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