Birdman Sends Enraged Warning To Everyone Mentioning His Beef With Lil Wayne

Birdman Sends Enraged Warning To Everyone Mentioning His Beef With Lil Wayne

"They don’t wanna see no murder."

Published October 11th

Even among the hailstorm of a diss track from Rick Ross, slews of ruthless verbal shots from Lil Wayne and even suggestions from other industry executives like Irv Gotti, Birdman has remained relatively quiet on his dispute with Weezy.

But according to his Instagram Live, somebody has brought the Cash Money CEO to his wit’s end. And he’s sending a prompt warning that things could get very ugly if it doesn’t end soon.

In an extremely rare occurrence, the Cash Money Records tycoon hopped on Instagram Live to address any and everyone who has something to say about his current standing relationship with Wayne.

Birdman isn’t much of a social media guy. So, it would seem that the comments beneath another rare happening, a selfie post of him smiling, might have provoked the infuriated rant.

“B***h, Lil Wayne my son,” he said in the clips obtained by DJ Akademiks. “I raised him. He ain’t have nothing. I brought him to be something and got something. B***h, you don’t think I’m gonna make sure he straight? Suck a n***a d**k, B***h.”

Crowning himself a “mastermind,” Baby continued his cautionary message, demanding that those still questioning him on his legal and personal situation with Wayne stay out of his business — or else.

“And if you cross my line, you already know — I ain’t even got to tell you,” he warned. “You know what type of n***a I am and how I live. F**k you, n***a. Tear you're a** up playing with me and mine.”

Baby doesn’t call out anyone specifically, but judging by nearly 2,000 comments on the Instagram post, it’s evident that he’s aiming at the “Free Weezy” flag bearers. It would also make the second time this year that he's had to send a threatening reminder to put some "respek" on his name.

“F**k these old coward a**, scary a** n***as playing,” he said. “They ain’t no gangstas — they don’t wanna see no murder. So you p***y a** n****s, stick to what you do, blood. Because y’all ain’t about this sh** at all.”


See his full Instagram Live session in the video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from Left: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for BET, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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