Ty Dolla $ign Has Some Words For Lonzo Ball In Pandora's 'Thumbs Up Thumbs Down'

(Photo: Jory Lee Cordy/Atlantic Records)

Ty Dolla $ign Has Some Words For Lonzo Ball In Pandora's 'Thumbs Up Thumbs Down'

Ty gives a yay or nay to all your favorite subjects for this exclusive.

Published October 27, 2017

South L.A.’s Ty Dolla $ign fed the culture’s desperate hunger for authentic R&B with his long-awaited Beach House 3 album on Friday (October 27).

Ty dropped in with Pandora in light of the project for their Thumbs Up Thumbs Down segment, where he rated randomized topics using nothing but — you guessed it — a thumb. And when LA Lakers baller Lonzo Ball fell onto the list, Ty gave him the nay for a reason any tasteful musician would have. 

After taboo subjects like aliens and personal matters such as beef tartar and Chef Boyardee, for which his thumbs down opinion may be considered unpopular, Ty moved on to LA basketball teams. He praised West Coast's representation in the NBA circle, declaring his loyalty to the Lakers — But, not its standout rookie on the other hand.

“Thumbs down to Lonzo Ball," he said. “Nas is one of the greatest ever. You’re f**king out of your mind boy.”

Ty is referring to Ball's recent commentary on the Ball in the Family show, where he slighted the Illmatic emcee as "outdated" and instead threw praise to Future and Migos as "real hip-hop." 

"Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” Lonzo said in the clip from the series. Along with the rest of Queens, New York, Ty apparently doesn't take kindly to such shade. Topics that did receive a nod from Ty, however, were mixtapes, studio albums, iced tea and actual rapper Ice-T (who he hilariously admitted looks like his own father).

Check out the full clip from Pandora’s Thumbs Up Thumbs Down with Ty Dolla $ign below and don't forget to cop his Beach House 3 album today. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Jory Lee Cordy/Atlantic Records)


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