Allow Lupe Fiasco To Explain Why He’s The Greatest Lyricist Of All Time

DETROIT, MI - APRIL 25:  Lupe Fiasco performs while wearing a Detroit Tigers Baseball jersey at St. Andrews Hall on April 25, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo: Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Allow Lupe Fiasco To Explain Why He’s The Greatest Lyricist Of All Time

"I had moments of unquestioned brilliance."

Published October 30, 2017

When it comes to great lyricism in hip-hop today, names like Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole are often thrown around. But if you ask Lupe Fiasco, he deserves a place at the top of the list. In a lengthy rant on Twitter last week (Oct. 27), the Chicago rapper explained why he should be considered the G.O.A.T. of lyricism.

Lupe began his lecture by talking about his career and various achievements, including the time Jay-Z claimed he was “nice.” Although he admits that he has never been the greatest rapper or the one to reach peak commercial success, he declares that he is one of the greatest lyricists to ever pick up a pen. “I never felt I was the best, but I knew that I had moments of unquestioned brilliance that earned my place among the rappers I respected,” he tweeted. “But when it comes 2 lyrics (which is the ONLY thing I care about) you’d be very hard pressed 2 say I’m not one of the best ever #TBE for real.” 

That’s a pretty bold statement, even for Lupe, who has penned conscious and clever tracks like “Dumb It Down” and “Hip Hop Saved My Life.” Nevertheless, the rapper backed up his claims in his next set of tweets. “I don’t say that to boast just a recognition of the work I’ve put in on the pen going on nearly 20 years non stop,” he continued. “I dont make the best 'music' & I never will. Cuz I don’t really care about music. I care about bars. My first raps weren’t even wrote 2 music.”

He concluded his rant by addressing his previous struggles with his former record label, Atlantic, and the consequences he experienced as a results of his lyrics. “My strife with Atlantic was real. My getting blackballed for being political is real. For standing up to the journalists & bulls**tters,” he added. “All that was very real and it continues to this day. The only thing that gives me motivation is my fans and my bars. & that’s all I need .” 

In the last few years, Lupe has been teetering on the idea of hanging up the towel and retiring his rap career. But in the midst of his indecision, the rapper dropped his album, Drogas Light. While it’s unclear whether he will drop anything else in the future, he says he still has one thing left to accomplish. “I have nearly every accolade there is to have in the music business the only thing left is to be the GOAT Lyricist & that’s the pace I’m on.” 

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photo: Scott Legato/Getty Images)


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