The Internet Has Jokes On This Video Of 21 Savage At The Gun Range

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 19:  Rapper 21 Savage performs in Concert at CAU-EPPS Gymnasium on October 19, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

The Internet Has Jokes On This Video Of 21 Savage At The Gun Range

"All that stick talk in his lyrics and he can’t handle kickback."

Published November 9, 2017

21 Savage hit the gun range to fire off some practice rounds and the internet has quite a bit of feels about it. After a video of the rapper circulated on social media, a number of fans unleashed a series of tweets about the rapper’s shooting skills.

In  the video, 21 was seen holding an automatic gun. The “Bank Account” rapper then began to fire off multiple shots at a nearby target while an unidentified man holds onto him in order to prevent him from falling due to the kickback of the gun. At first it looked like 21 missed his target, but after a few good tries, he managed to blow it away.

But he was not done yet. 21 then switched up his weaponry to a handgun, which he fired at a second target. Without someone to help him fight the kickback, however, it’s clear to see the impact of the gun.

After watching the video, a number of Twitter users had something to say. Most of them pointed out how he was shooting. Some even questioned whether the rapper had actually shot a firearm in his life. Others referenced the fact that 21’s lyrics constantly rap about guns, yet he appears to lack form.

Check out the Twitter reactions below and decide whether you agree with the fans.

  1. 21 Savage Was Spotted At The Gun Range...
  2. And The Internet Got A Huge Kick Out Of It

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)


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