Ashanti And Joe Budden's Heated 'Stripper' Debate Ended In A Way No One Expected

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Ashanti And Joe Budden's Heated 'Stripper' Debate Ended In A Way No One Expected

Joey's got a reasonable explanation for it all.

Published November 30, 2017

Joe Budden is not one to hold his tongue — or his jokes — especially while seated in his Everyday Struggle co-host chair.

But after poking fun at Ashanti’s stage blunder where she checked fans for tossing money at her like she was a stripper, the R&B songstress confronted him about it, and things ended on a note we’re not used to seeing on the sometimes-controversial Complex web series.

Ashanti got straight to the point when they arrived at the topic by way of her upcoming Say Less album, two words that she said DJ Akademiks and Joey should take heed to when speaking about her.

The incident in question, which the two men previously shared thoughts on, took place in Hawaii as she was performing on stage. Pausing in the middle of her set, Ashanti swiftly addressed fans who were tossing handfuls of cash at her with “I’m not a f**king stripper!” and asked them to stop.

Akademiks and Joey used the incident as a speaking point on one of their Everyday Struggle episodes, however, which Ashanti didn’t take very kindly to. In Akademiks’ own defense, however, he insisted that he only mentioned it via social media — it was Joey who had all the jokes. The “Pump It Up” rapper also said that Ashanti’s onstage attire was suggestive of a stripper as well.

“I had on a bodysuit with boots, which 90 percent of my peers wear, which we perform in,” she explained. “We’re there to do a show, so that’s what you wear.”

She added that strippers are naked, which she wasn’t, or wear scanty clothing that expose their private areas sometimes. After some rebuttal from Uncle Joe, who argued New York’s anti-nude law for strippers and quipped about her “stripper-shaming,” he defused the entire conversation.

“OK, time-out — we were joking,” he gently responds to her. “Who seriously thinks that you should have money thrown on you [because you were wearing a bodysuit]. What do you think we’re f**king ignorant f**ks up here?”

Well, sometimes they can be, according to her. And let Joey tell it, most times they actually do tend to be a little ignorant. Thankfully, not in Ashanti’s case, as it all ended in laughter and love.

See how it all ended when she took on her own Everyday Struggle controversy in the video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Complex News via Youtube)


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