Charlamagne Tha God Just Went Off On This White Rapper: 'You Are Trash.'

Charlamagne Tha God Just Went Off On This White Rapper: 'You Are Trash.'

"Don't text my phone later and try to explain."

Published December 1, 2017

Ridiculousness host-turned-aspiring-rapper and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood member Chanel West Coast has spent the larger part of 2017 trying to convince everyone to take her hip-hop career seriously.

But after she viciously flipped out on a security guard for not allowing her and her clique into a West Hollywood club, Charlamagne Tha God finds it even harder to take her seriously just as a human being. And for such callous behavior, he’s handed down a blistering Donkey of the Day badge in her honor — or lack thereof.

The incident in question, where Chanel is filmed spazzing out on the guard and hurling b***h insults at him, escalated quickly after he denied her entry into the venue. “You wish you could spit bars like me!” she’s heard screaming at him in the clip. But according to Charlamagne, his one wish is that the “Alcoholic” song creator cash in on a reality check.  

“I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of Chanel West Coast,” he says. “Chanel, don’t text my phone later and try to explain, alright? I’ve told you over and over that it’s a thin line between confidence and delusion. Chanel West Coast — you are delusional.”

Like most people, Charlamagne questions who gave her such bold confidence in herself to believe that she’s in the position to behave as she did, let alone gas her up to believe she’s a “dope rapper.” Perhaps, he suggests, there’s some internal (and spiritual) issues she’s struggling with that’s led to her unfounded ego boost.  

“I just truly believe that you hear voices in your head and they are telling you these things,” Charlamagne continues. “But I’m letting you know right now, those voices in your head is the devil. And the devil is a what? A liar.”

Chanel West Coast made her Love and Hip Hop Hollywood debut this year as the former host of the popular MTV comedy series with her heart set out a new entertainment path: rap. Despite her reality television runs, Charlamagne promptly reminds her that she’s made a name for herself as infamous, not the commonly-confused term, famous.

 “In fact, you are trash,” he addresses to her. “Garbage. Rubbish. Waste. Debris. Junk. Scraps. And whatever synonym they have for trash, that’s what your bars are.”

Charlamagne adds that there is some hope left for her, however, as he can deal with her being a trash rapper, just not a trash person. As for his suggestion on the best way for Chanel to clean up her act, a good old-fashioned chin-check might do the job, Charlamagne says.

“Now, I don’t wish violence on anyone, but Chanel West Coast needs to get beat up,” he says. “You can tell people who have never been punched in the face.”

The Uncommon Sense host believes that her reckless talk is simply the result of a lack of physical discipline, and “one good ass whooping would bring her back to reality,” he says. Charlamagne concludes by letting Chanel know that her attitude can and will block her blessings, which is one of the reasons she hasn’t been able to breakthrough any other aspirations beyond her Ridiculousness co-host seat. Ultimately, he says, she has two options: become a better human being or become an example after someone gives her a physical lesson in manners. Though Charlamange would prefer the latter, he says, he would hope that she chooses the former.

Take ‘em to church, Uncle Charla.

Listen to his full code of conduct recommendation for Chanel West Coast in his Donkey of the Day video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images)


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