Hear This Woman's Frantic 911 Call Claiming She Was Drugged At French Montana's Party

INGLEWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Rapper French Montana performs onstage during the Real 92.3 Real Show at The Forum on November 18, 2017 in Inglewood, California.  (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Hear This Woman's Frantic 911 Call Claiming She Was Drugged At French Montana's Party

"It's at French Montana's house. They gave us drugs, and they took our shoes..."

Published December 4, 2017

South Bronx rap star French Montana brought in his 33rd year of life with a massive birthday party that ended tumultuously at his Calabasas, California, home in November when police arrived to break up a physical altercation between two women at the celebration.

Unfortunately, another deplorable situation is being tied to the Coke Boys Records founder’s birthday turn-up, as TMZ has obtained the 911 call recording of a woman claiming she was drugged and tossed out of his party naked.

In the phone call, the unnamed woman can be heard trying to explain what happened. The 911 operator tries to keep pace with the woman’s statements despite the confusion, which seems to be coming from someone in the background that she claims is pushing her.

“It’s at French Montana’s house,” she says to the operator. “They gave us drugs, and they took our shoes. They kicked us out…”

When the operator asks whether she’s currently in Beverly Hills, the woman says that she’ll give up the address, and appears to add that a girl hit her. The activity happening at the woman’s location, which she makes several statements about during the call, makes the conversation difficult to fully discern. The woman even addresses a person who she demands to stop touching her and tells the operator she will send a photo of “the guy,” though it isn’t clear whether she means the individual who she’s currently engaging with or the person she says drugged her. After the operator reminds her that she can’t send a photo through the call, she claims she’s in Calabasas this time.

“They literally kicked us out naked and they hit us,” she says to the operator. “I have a purple eye. So if you guys want to come — please, I’m trying to, like, literally press charges on them — or I’m going to call the cops. We’re literally in Calabasas. We need help.”

She then says that “there’s too many Harveys out there,” presumably alluding to disgraced film executive Harvey Weinstein, who fell under fire from sexual assault allegations from several women in Hollywood. The operator still struggles to get the woman to share the address, but all she continues to respond with is, “Calabasas,” stating that the operator should know where she is automatically because “they’re the cops.” She goes on to make more allegations, claiming that body guards hit her and reiterating that she has a bruised eye. The operator asks what her race is, to which she replies “Hispanic-Brazilian,” and adds that she was also sexually assaulted.

“I’m wearing nothing because they took my clothes off,” she responds to the operator once asked what she’s wearing. “Because one of the guys that was up there ripped my clothes off. Literally — I just basically f**king got raped.”

Hear all of her statements in the full 911 audio below.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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