Jim Jones Has This To Say To Ma$e For Threatening Cam'ron...

The Harlem rap vet weighs in on the long-spanning feud.

Published December 7th

The unexpected revival of Cam'ron and Ma$e's feud has unearthed a years-long rift between two hip-hop heavyweights.

What's been even more surprising, however, is the rap community's response to the revisiting of the long forgotten beef ― namely from the likes of people associated with each rapper's camp. Enter: Jim Jones

In the wake of Ma$e's candid interview with Angie Martinez, in which Betha claims to have spearheaded the golden era of Bad Boy, Jim sat down with The Breakfast Club to address a few of the rapper's talking points ― notably Ma$e's suggestion that the rift between himself and Cam would "end bad."

Seemingly a little riled up, the "We Fly High" rapper began to criticize Ma$e's facade of a having a hard demeanor but not actually living it when it comes to Cam. "End bad for who, bro?" he asked. "You don't have no arrests on your rap sheet, you haven't even been in court at all," he continued, eventually surmising that Ma$e should basically just own who he is and stop trying to embody this persona that, according to Jones, doesn't feel authentic or representative of his character.

"Do your music. You did this record with Puffy and Khaled," he added. "I doubt Puffy and Khaled want to be associated with the bozo-ness you tryna' pull off."

Check out Jim Jones' full interview with The Breakfast Club below. 

Written by Kai Miller

(Photos from Left: Prince Williams/FilmMagic, Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Prince Williams/WireImage)

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