Apparently, Beyoncé Wasn’t Eminem’s First Choice For 'Walk On Water'

Apparently, Beyoncé Wasn’t Eminem’s First Choice For 'Walk On Water'

The guest feature was intended for this other world-class singer.

Published December 15th

Eminem's "Walk on Water" was given the Midas touch with it's high-profile guest feature.

But the rousing hook wasn't initially reserved for Beyoncé's soulful vocals. 

In a recent interview with ThisIs50, Em's longtime producer Denaun Porter revealed that Adele was originally considered for the track. Porter, however, explains why that didn't come to pass. "I think some things happened with her voice, and she couldn't do it," he explains. "So it was a thing where we tried that... But then it got to them using Beyoncé. My mind was already there. There's only a couple people that could pull that off."

Elsewhere in the lengthy talk, Porter talks about his role in Revival's creation, his beatmaking processes and more. He also confirms just before the 6:00 mark that 2 Chainz originally had a verse on the PHresher-assisted "Chloraseptic." 

"There's a 2 Chainz verse, for sure," Porter explains. "What happens is, when Em gets locked into a song a certain way, I try not to touch that. I try not to f**k with that."

"Originally, I wanted to put 2 Chainz on the song. That was my idea...We had 2 Chainz come out, and he was working on the hook. The hook didn't turn out the way we wanted it, but the verse was incredible. But the song kind of leads up to another song, so we didn't want to change the verses that was on the original version."

Check out Porter's full remarks on Beyoncé and Adele at the 2:40 mark below. 

Written by Kai Miller

(Photos from left: Donna Ward/Getty Images, Donna Ward/Getty Images)


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