Here’s K. Michelle’s Thoughts On People Shaming R. Kelly’s Alleged Victims

Here’s K. Michelle’s Thoughts On People Shaming R. Kelly’s Alleged Victims

The singer says people shouldn't be so quick to say their experiences didn't happen.

Published December 15, 2017

K. Michelle has been very open about her allegedly abusive relationship with R. Kelly. In her single “Build A Man,” the songstress detailed what it was like dating a controlling and manipulative man like her mentor. While she still recognizes Kelly as the man who honed her skills as a singer, she hasn’t turned a blind eye to the countless allegations brought against him by women and young girls, and she doesn’t think you should either. During her latest sit down on The Real on Dec. 14, K. Michelle urged fans to stop dismissing and shaming Kelly’s victims.

When asked how she feels about the “Ignition” singer’s latest slew of allegations – which range anywhere from allegedly holding women against their will to forcing them to engage in sexual acts with him and other women – K. Michelle admitted that she is somewhat torn. “That is kind of tricky for me,” she said of the topic. “I see it from two different perspectives. I see it as this is my mentor. He taught me about recording, how to write, [and] the importance of just doing music. You want to have loyalty for that.” 

On the other hand, she is also a survivor and wants to listen to those women looking to be heard. “But at the same time I was the girl saying something happened to me and the world told me that it didn’t happen,” she continued. “And so when I’m looking on the blogs and I see these girls telling they’re story and women are all up under these comments saying, ‘That didn’t happen… Oh, she lying.’ It breaks my heart because I was once that girl. Somebody know the truth. Nobody gonna take up for me?”

While the “Kim K” singer is grateful to have gotten out of that unhealthy relationship, she admits that she is still in a “funny place.”  “I got out of the situation. It was something that I think has affected how I see myself and love men,” she explained. In an attempt to save some one else, she asked that others watch how they react to various allegations. “Make sure you watch when you tell somebody a specific event didn’t happen to them,” she said. “They could really be going through something. Everything isn’t always what it seems especially in the music industry."

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photo from left: Prince Williams/Getty Images, Noam Galai/Getty Images)


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