Black Thought’s Viral Freestyle Has Ignited The Ultimate Debate Among Hip-Hop Heads

Black Thought’s Viral Freestyle Has Ignited The Ultimate Debate Among Hip-Hop Heads

The Roots' frontman has the Internet in a complete frenzy.

Published December 18, 2017

Unless you've been living under a rock or are just completely inept when it comes to navigating social media, you've definitely stumbled across Black Thought's electrifying Hot 97 freestyle at some point this past weekend. 

In the freestyle heard around the world, The Roots' frontman reaffirmed his status as one of the rap game's top-tier lyricists. 

Donning shades as he exuded the confidence of a legendary MC, the Philadelphia native darted through and around the classic Mobb Deep instrumental, "The Learning (Burn)." His pungent bars, deftly constructed rhyme schemes, and dizzying wordplay are all the makings of a mind-blowing freestyle. The 10-minute clip instantaneously exploded on social media, leaving hip-hop heads everywhere speechless. 

"I never thought I'd be getting long in the tooth/My OG told me 'Boy you better go and live your truth'/I am a walking affirmation, that imagination/And focus and patience get you closer to your aspiration/And just 'cause they give you shit don't mean you have to take it/My words capture greatness, sworn affidavits/Yours truly, the celestial being/You stay seeing pulling up in a fresh European/High-stepping out of a dress to a tin/Not another got more soul, unless you Korean," he spits midway through the 10-minute verse.

Nearly a week after it's debut, Black Thought is still very much a trending topic and rightfully so. In light of the video breaking the Internet, the lyrical acrobatics of the Philly rhymer have sparked the ultimate debate among hip-hop purists everywhere. 

Take a look at some of the best reactions, below. 

Written by Kai Miller



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