Khia Is Threatening More 'H*es' Who Step To Her In Public

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Khia Is Threatening More 'H*es' Who Step To Her In Public

Here's what will happen if anyone has the nerve to approach the rapper about her hip-hop commentary.

Published December 22, 2017

Khia is tired of “h*es” approaching her for the comments she makes about female rappers and other hip-hop artists online. While she might be sitting behind a computer screen now, she isn’t afraid to put anyone who approaches her in public in their place. In her latest video, Khia and her friend, Ts Madison threatened everyone who takes their commentary too seriously.

“I’ll drag you,” Ts Madison says with a co-sign from Khia. “Let me tell you something b***h. Any one of you h*es think that you going to step to any one of us in public because of the s**t we motherf**king [say]… You better laugh at this s**t and you better type that s**t down…”

Khia then interrupted by explaining that everything they say on their internet segment “is entertainment…” While the “My Neck, My Back” rapper seemed to be encouraging her friend to say more, she suggested that she wouldn't want to resort to physical violence because she would owe the victims money. She then took shots at Da Brat and Remy Ma’s past legal issues. “We don’t want to end up like Da Brat owing all our money to these b****s,” Khia said. “Remy owe all her money to that b***h she shot in the stomach. Da Brat owe all her money to the b***h she hit in the face.”  “I’ll pistol whip every single last one of mother**kers,” Madison declared.

In the past month, Khia has unloaded a series of shots at Trina, whom she’s been in an ongoing feud with over the course of this year. While Trina has engaged in confrontation online in the past, the “Here We Go” rapper has backed away. 

Check out Khia and Ts Madison's full comments below. 

What will happen if you approach them in public (Video @khiathugmisses)

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